Tracer and I had just been voted for Guild Master and Protector, when Tracer came up with a structure proposal that almost earned him a demote voting because he wanted to strengthen the Guild Masters position and cut into the rights of the Grey Council. This I wrote as an answer. Many Greys said it was much better than Tracers proposal but it was rejected as well because generally people thought it was too complicated.

Though this proposal might look familiar to the nowadays Grey Magician there's some substantial differences to the structure that was installed in recent years, especially in the aspects of democratic control. (Yes, Masari and Soldaria, I know: The Atlantis Magicians weren't meant to be democratic ... at least not by you.)

Protectors proposal for a new Guild structure

We write down a Constitution of the Atlantis Magicians. It includes

  1. (todays) guildrules,
  2. fundamental rights of the members of the Guild
  3. the structure of the Guild.

This Constitution has to be elected and can only be changed by a 2/3 majority of the actually voting Grey Magicians.

Structure proposal:

GM Protector of Knowledge
Political Council Knowledge Council
Grey Magicians  

There are two relations to be drawn into this diagram: 'Votes' and 'Promotes'

The Grey Magicians vote for both Councils and GM and Protector.The voting for the Councils will be permanent votings similar to the judge votings. Thus there will be a permanent control by the majority of the Guild.If a member of a Council does not do any action for half a year he is to be removed from the Councils.

The votings for GM and Protector should work like they do now so that they can do their work for a longer time, still being responsible to all the Grey Magicians.

The Political Council decides about all the political issues that arise. Thus the main power lies here.

The Knowledge Council takes care of research and teaching and is responsible for all promotions. The way it handles these functions is decided by theKnowledge Council itself. (I suggest some kind of examinations that ensure that the candidates not only have practical skills but have to show their process on the path of Magic.)

The GM is the head of the Political Council, the Protector is the head ofthe Knowledge Council; both are permanent members of both Councils. It is their duty to cooperate in leading the guild and preparing decisions.

The Teachers are todays Awarding Grey Mages, their work supervised by the Knowledge Council.


Voting process:
Both Councils consist of x+2 members.
Every Grey Magician has x votes to distribute, thus creating his own vision of a council, only one vote per candidate. The people with most votes will constitute the Councils.

Votings inside the Councils:
If someone loses or gains the right to vote during a voting period on a certain issue, his vote will still count.
If there is a draw, the vote of the Head of the Council counts.

Votings for GM and Protector:As is now.



While this proposal is looking more complicated than Tracers, it nonetheless has some advantages: