These fundamental rights I formulated following the guild structure discussion mentioned here. 'They were accepted with a three quarter majority. Though the next Guild Master Talisin and her minions stomped on these rights with all their hooves and feet they were (to my knowledge) never officially removed or even changed, though several attempts were made to 'adapt' them to current guild policy. All votings to remove or change them failed ... but sometimes power is stronger than words

Fundamental Rights of all Atlantis Magicians

These points are voted about by the Grey Council (resolved 19th dragon 259 with 18 pro and 6 contra votes, meaning a three quarter majority) and therefore have to be considered as part of the Guild Rules. They shall be part of a yet to come Constitution of the Atlantis Magicians.

  1. Every Atlantis Magician is free to act on his/her own as long as no Guild Rules are violated.
  2. The Atlantis Magicians believe in religious freedom. Every Atlantis Magician is free to choose any god. With this freedom comes the obligation to respect the believes of others, however. Atlantis Magicians do not fight people for religious reasons, do not violate shrines.
  3. Every Atlantis Magician is free to voice his/her oppinion, whatever it is.
  4. Every Atlantis Magician has the right to use the libraries, as long as s/he uses them with the necessary responsibility.
  5. Every Atlantis Magician has the right to learn the spells s/he wishes, apart from the apprentice restrictions and, of course, apart from spells that belong to the necromancy convocation.