This note I posted to both the Atlantis Magicians Main Board and the Grey Mages Board. It earned me a bunch of angry notes (cumulating in Mystra putting me in one line with Cadderly and Koriam), the throwout of the Atlantis Magicians guild which I consider home and an accusation at the Court of Atlantis for 'High Treason' and 'Conspiracy' that led to temporary banishment, though even the judge and the next guild leadership showed some understanding if not support for the revolution attempt.


I call for revolution.

We have given Talisin two years (since 13. whale 263) to do good work as GM. Indeed she did some good administrative work. Still, after watching Talisin for more than two years I see revolution as the only logical conclusion and consequence.

The only way to remove this GM from the position she abused so much is by killing her by the hands of an Atlantis Magician.

The duel way will not work as it is too complicated. It would be too much of an honour for her anyway, as she uses and abuses every tiny little bit of power she has to her advantage.

So: I call for revolution.

Of course this is against our statutes that no Atlantis Magician may kill another. I know. Still it is necessary in this case.

This is a case of the Atlantis Magicians. We will solve this internally, without the help of outsiders.

The ugly part of the revolution will be to kill Talisin.
The better part of the revolution will be to start a new and better way of leadership. No person may ever again have the absolute power a Guild Master has now. This will be discussed. Interesting proposals are at hand already.

Anybody who would like to take part please contact me, personally or via mail. I will coordinate the effort. If a certain number of people contact me, we will strike. You can trust in me.

Mara (11. turtle 265)