Too bad, all I have archived about the Newbie Mage Massacree is this note which gives a very short summary. I was just a young Grey Magician those days and had no idea how small the power of a young Grey is, compared to the Big Guys. I didn't even realize that this event would be remembered by history as 'The Newbie Mage Massacree'.

well ... as nobody else has done it yet it might be my job again to write a note about the recent Guild Attack.

It started with a demon fighting Grandor and an unknown elf sitting there. When Grandor had finished the demon off he turned upon the unknown elf. The elf several times ran west and back in, thus continuing the fight. When we understood that he would not stop attacking Grandor we hit him a bit until he fled.

He claimed that Grandor had attacked him and that this would be a Guildwar WE had declared. Obviously rubbish - as you all know Grandor is very peaceful and won't attack without reason. He must have been provoked.

Then as i was informed started a call for a war on the mages on the thieves guildline. Some followed this call. They attacked us and we were overwhelmed at least 5 of us died, Chaoss and Khorin even twice. Beautyful died, I died, an absolute newbie, Elbereth, was slaughtered, Mystra was at deaths door, ...

Two people we know for sure: Kylie belonged to the attackers, one of the elves was Lench, also known as Callais or Trouble. Additionally there was a male gnome and a male elf.

We don't know who the gnome was but sometime ago a nervous willowy male gnome, the description fits Sam Warble, helped Lench in killing Jackal for his dragon scale mail.

Later Sanul and Lathander accompanied Mia in hunting Lench down, they killed him finally - and that pityful excuse for a Thief was very angry, vowed to kill Mia 10 times. What makes me wonder is that his ghost was that of a male young friendly elf - the same description fits to someone I know as a reasonable guy called Robin, undisguised.

Mara, being a witness and after having investigated and questioned a lot of people

OOC: Just to mention it: Robin AKA Zurco had nothing to do with these events. Oh, and there's someone new introducing as Robin ... he's much younger, didn't exist at all at those times.