An article about marriage posted to the 'Atlantis Today'. Hmm ... it looks like a draft ... the article was great, does someone have the finally published version in a private archive of the 'Atlantis Today'?

Why would anyone want to marry anyway?

I see so many people around here. Nice people, ugly people, wandering pests. Most of them marry, at least sooner or later. Some of them marry more often. Once. Twice. Thrice. Or more ...

Wasn't a marriage supposed to bind people into chains for a lifespan? Well, but what is a life anyway? Throw your life away, get rid of that ring - and get yourself a new life at your local dealer, errm, priest. That's the way.

So that's what marrying is: Bind yourself until your next death. Bind yourself to a woman, a man, a dwarf, an elf, a fairy, an insect - whatever! Pro-Choice! Or get yourself a human-gnome child like that i've seen.

Who would want that? Why not just have friends of all kinds, have sex with all kinds, have fun? Though I have some difficulties imagining a centaur and a fairy enjoying each other ... Why bondage yourself into ties only a priest could invent?