This must have happened around the year 255, looks like it's been after Foranor had been thrown out for assaulting Tashgan and that Myron had become Necromancer only shorty before. It looks like Mara was a pretty young Grey those days. Not a log but a note to the boards afterwards.

Friends, Mages,

this is a long but important note - I kindly ask you to take the time to read it carefully.

Today we had a fight with two Thieves around Grandor and some more trouble afterwards. First I want to thank the masters Tharkun and Grolim for standing upright and fighting. Though not very strong they showed bravery that cannot be underestimated. Later Wolverine came to help too. Sadly I (i.e. puny Mara) was the most powerful mage available so I had to lead the defence - phew, severe trouble. Besides us only Beautyful was in, I'll come to this point later. Well - and I must say I am heavily disappointed that Grandor didn't help us when we fought right under his nose.

The involved persons on the other side where Kylie, a male red-eyed red-haired elf introducing as Ba'Alzamon and Koriam, not fighting but supporting with invisibility spells and wands. Additionally we called Mahlekei and Lathander to help but they were too late.

Let me tell you the story as far as I understand it. There seemed to be a background story but I shall tell that later for i found out later.

Grandor called for help, he was under attack. When we arrived from the different points of the world everything was done, the only visible trace was a demon west of Grandor that quickly left the place and a Padorn Guard helmet lying around at Grandor. Koreshi was trying to come for a long while but couldn't teleport - i suppose because someone had made him go to a place where he couldn't teleport - necro work?

Then there was someone we couldn't see in the guild. This was a really strange experience as it wasn't possible to find him/her but we could see him/her casting and heard him/her talking to us. Even searching and a bunch of see++ casted in quick succession didn't reveal the intruder. The being then claimed to be Beautyful, being trapped into an Elendils dagger. I am not sure what to think of this ... there was a disc passing me ... could be Beauty ... could be Koriam as I see now. Can a ward+ give a dagger a soul that it behaves like a mage and only be seen as someone? Strange thing.

I carried this dagger to Grandor, thinking what to do with it. There we met Kylie and i asked her about her knowledge of daggers ... well, maybe that's not very much part of the story. The 'someone' claiming to be Beautyful discovered a staff on Kylie and threatened to attack if Kylie wouldn't give it back. She started a countdown from 10 - and when the "1" had passed, there was no Kylie, no dagger, no someone with me. Strange thing again - maybe Kylie had stolen the dagger from me but she denied it later.

I went to the village and on my way I met the elf mentioned above who attacked Bragon (my creature) and me on sight. Though we could score some hits we had to wimp out after I was hit by an inferno. It turned out that he had attacked me because he thought, I had attacked Kylie with an ecloud.

The attacker had been Beautyful ... she was sitting on her ship while I took the hits. I called the few mages in to help and we met at Grandor. The elf came in again, saying, he thought about attacking our old Guildguard. Then, when some mages came, fighting started again, I think, the elf attacked Bragon, but I'm not sure. We helped Bragon, but after i had swallowed to infernos and Bragon close to death we had to retreat inside the guild. Now Beautyful finally appeared too (correct me if i mix events up, everything happened in a frenzy). We had some moments time to treat our wounds, then Kylie appeared invisibly inside the guild shooting a wand of inferno, Beautyful took an inferno, I took another one. There was a lot of commotion and when I understood that we were not strong enough to defend the guild against those attackers without the help of Grandor, I called the only one that i knew being available (ooc: i.e. on the who list) for help: Mahlekei. Before they arrived, the fighting had ceased, seemed we had fended the attackers off, though most of us were unconscious and bleeding heavily. I still wonder what made me train my skill in first aid three days before, so that i could rescue all the lifes of my friends today?

Well ... I have to admit ... not all the lives. In all this commotion Foranor came to Grandor, saw the fight and joined. The strange thing was, he attacked Bragon! Obviously by accident because instantly he turned at the Thieves - and he said afterwards he hadn't attacked Bragon. So what made him do this? Another strange point! I don't know exactly what happened, but when we were sitting inside the guild and healing each other suddenly Foranors ghost blew in. *sigh* For him my help was too late, obviously.

Finally when checking the area outside we met Mahlekei and Lathander who had come to help but were late. Then there was some talking, that elf explained that they were after Beautyful because she had caused the thieves a lot of trouble. From what they told I have to admit that Beautyfuls actions are close to provocing a guild war but of course I tried to defend her and made clear that we would fight for Beauty, whatever.

But I think we should discuss this point seperately, Beautyful! What did you do to make Necros and PPs team up to hunt you down and attack our guild just to get you?

Well ... ok, after this there was a period of quiet cleaning up, Beautyful had left Xyllomer in the meantime. Amidst this work we noticed that again there were invisible people in our guild: After some see++ I finally found Kylie and the elf in our library and tried to throw them out, by words. And again fighting started and suddenly the lib began to burn. So we see that a burning library doesn't necessarily mean Myrons work.

Well, this was the report of happenings ... I am too tired now to comment them further but i shall do it these days. And while i was working on this note Foranor came to me asking me to take him in as finally Hermjard did.

Oh my! What a day!

Exhausted, Mara