pre-story: Caleb and Mara have been good friends for a long time. Alas, Caleb has read Mara's article on marriage and decided to marry someone else. When he introduced Margali to Mara, Mara was shocked. So she just teleported in, slapped Caleb in the face and teleported out again, without saying a word. This here happened a bit later, we met at the locator for a talk Caleb had asked for.

Caleb yells: why did u slapped me?, did i something wrong?
You say: So ... I understand you are in love and want to bind yourself to a pupil of you?
> Caleb yells: she is not my pupil... we have no pupils like tha mages have apprentices
You say: and she is human ... like you.
> Caleb yells: Mara...
Caleb sighs deeply.
Caleb yells: maybe i should have realized that maybe i liked you, but i was blind to it
You emote: Mara is a fairy.
Caleb yells: race has nothing to do with it
Caleb yells: and also maybe i am presuming things that are not true
You questioningly raise your eyebrow at Caleb.
> Caleb yells: can u explain me what is this all about?
You say: bah ...go, marry your human friend.
> Caleb yells: why u are angry at me, so i don't make more mistakes
You say: I can't object to it.
> Caleb yells: Mara u mean something special to me... really
You say: apart from being against marrying generally, that is.
> Caleb yells: people are different Mara, u have to understand that, maybe what is good for me is not good in your eyes
You emote: Mara turns her back to you, trying to find something interesting in the crystal orb.

// seems we were at some special place ...

> Caleb yells: i was looking for some1 to marry, then i found you i thought i would ask u to marry me
Caleb yells: i am being sincere not to hide anything from u
Caleb yells: but when i thought i had build up enough bravery to ask we had the conversation about free love and not to be bound by marriage

// Mara had written a nice polemic against marrying in the Atlantis today ...
// I wonder if someone might still have the text ...

Caleb reachs out for you 's shoulder gently.
A flash lights the sky.
There is a rolling thunder in the air.

// melodramatic surroundings :)

Caleb yells: from that moment a great sorrow washed upon me, cause one of my desires could not be fulfilled...
> Caleb yells: and cause i didn't want to lose u as a friend i said nothing...  and tried desesperatly to forget
Caleb yells: then came Margali, yes, the one i am going to marry if she still wants me then
You emote: Mara turns around, disbelieve in her eyes.
> Caleb yells: and she talked to me and i found a like soul
A flash lights the sky.
There is a rolling thunder in the air.
Caleb yells: and after sometime i realized i fell in love with her
Caleb yells: now i am between two people i like very much, i am torn between love and friendship
Caleb yells: or maybe two loves... i am very confused now
Caleb grabs your shoulders gently.
Caleb yells: try to understand
You emote: Mara jumps up ... and stands before you, still undecided if she should fall around your neck or run away.
Caleb yells: as i said u mean something special to me, thats' why am here.. to talk to you and find out what went wrong
Caleb yells: i have talked enough i think
You say: my turn?
Caleb yells: yes...
Caleb smiles weakly at you.
You say: well ... Mara is strong. She will grow with every new experience.
> Caleb nods knowingly.
You say: In the moment i have a lot of work to do and politics inside the guild so i was distracted from my sorrow
You say: which doesn't mean that I'm happy at all ... even my reactions on the boards very somewhat harsh lately.
> Caleb cannot decide whether hug you or keep away for fear to hurt you more.
You say: and you really were interested in me?
You say: i mean ... more than just running around together and slay this and that?
> Caleb yells: does it matter? didn't i tell u before? or u want to hurt yourself a little more hearing me telling?
You emote: Mara tries successfully to hide her tears ... almost.
> Caleb gently wipes a tear from your face.
Caleb hugs you softly.
You say: what did you say about 'if she still wants to'?
Caleb yells: Mara our wedding is about 2 weeks from now.. maybe she finds another more interesting couple than me 
> Caleb yells: we will try to be sincere with each other and let the other as freedom as we can
You say: that means ... you don't want anymore? She doesn't anymore?
You look very confused.
You say: she must have had a strange impression of me ...
> Caleb yells: may i talk freely, maybe something i will say will hurt you and don't want to do it...
You start to speak the words and prepare for the gestures.
> You surround yourself with a magic shield and the protection raises.
Caleb scratches his head.
You say: I'm shielded, say what you have to say.
> Caleb yells: i am completely mad in love with Margali
You emote: Mara faints and drops down to the floor.
> Caleb yells: she means everything to me now
You emote: Mara wakes up.
You emote: Mara whispers, no, croaks: What did you say?
> A flash lights the sky.
There is a rolling thunder in the air.
Caleb yells: Mara, i think she loves me too dearly... but things can go bad
Caleb yells: i will never voluntarily abandon her
You nod solemnly.
> Caleb yells: and i am sorry my words hurt u so much
You emote: Mara stands up again and recovers her posture ... still, if you look closely you can see her trembling.
> Caleb hugs you tenderly.
Caleb yells: Margali has a great respect for you... she encouraged me to talk to you
Caleb yells: and i don't wanna lose you
Caleb yells: but about you and me
You snicker madly.
You dance madly.  Feels silly, doesn't it?
Caleb yells: what happens?
Caleb looks confused.
You shout: You and me ... You and me
Caleb yells: Mara
Caleb yells: calm plz
You emote: Mara searches her pockets for some fireballs to kill you and me.
Caleb holds your hands.
Caleb yells: Mara what happens?
Caleb yells: what is this all about...
You emote: Mara struggles to break free from your grip.
> Caleb holds your hands firmly yet tenderly.
Caleb yells: u are scaring me
You say: really? Great!
You jump unexpectedly.
> You bounce around.   B O I N G !!!
You say: The great Caleb scared by little Mara. Cool!
> Caleb shakes his head slowly.
You emote: Mara breaks down again.
> Caleb yells: what do u want from me?
Caleb yells: that i leave Margali?
You say: Yes.
You say: No.
> Caleb yells: will u ask me that?
Caleb suddenly looks very tired and sad.
You say: Yes I want that.
You say: No its of no use.
> Caleb sadly whispers: this is a no win situation, either way i choose i will lose
> Caleb looks sadly at you.
Caleb looks up.
Caleb sighs deeply.
You emote: Mara recovers again, her face straightening.
Caleb sits down to rest a while.
You say: No, not really.
Caleb puts his arms around his knees adn starts rocking back and forth.
You say: I see you have chosen your path and I myself don't want to hurt you too.
> Caleb sadly looks in your way and says: but i don't want to lose u Mara
You say: So go ahead and marry that woman if you want to ... i wouldn't marry you anyway ... in that sense my position never changed ... i'll marry nobody.
Caleb sighs deeply.
Caleb yells: Mara, just let me say this:
You say: If you think you have to marry someone then marry her.
Caleb yells: Mara someday u will find someone who will make u feel like i feel now
> Caleb yells: with Margali, that day u will realize
Caleb yells: that you cannot avoid or turn your back to love 
Caleb yells: Mara... thank you for coming and trying to understand me
You say: tell me about her
> Caleb yells: and remember this too : no matter what happens in the future i consider you one of my closes friends, not the kind i like to team with and slay monsters, but also the kind i would give my life for
Caleb yells: Margali
Caleb gets a dreamy look in his face.
Caleb yells: Sure she is not the prettiest girl in the world, but she is so for me
Caleb yells: she is.... special, just the way she looks
Caleb yells: i truly cannot explain what does she make me feel like
Caleb yells: but ...
You say: human.
You sniff.
Caleb yells: Fairys have the same feelings as humans
You say: You think you get better feelings when rocking a human, right?
You emote: Mara hmpfs.
> Caleb yells: no
Caleb yells: she has something special, in my eyes she glows with an inner light
Caleb yells: and i love her with all my body and soul
You say: and me you love with your soul only ... not enough.
> Caleb yells: Mara do u realize how hard is this for me?
You shake your head in disagreement.
> Caleb yells: it's being very hard for me
Caleb closes his eyes and you see the crystal on his belt flashing.
Caleb yells: and u are doing nothing to make it easier
You emote: Mara had hoped her new robe would have made some impression ... but maybe she's too fat to wear a tansparent robe?
Caleb yells: Mara... stop it
Caleb sighs deeply.
You remove the magic robe.
You emote: Mara tears her magic robe apart.
Caleb concentrates and makes the robe whole again.
You give magic robe to Caleb.
> Caleb looks at the magic robe.
You say: There. At least something to remind you.
> Caleb yells: Mara i have no need for this tokens to remember you
Caleb yells: u are always in my mind.. present
Caleb gives you magic robe.
Caleb hugs you tenderly.
Caleb yells: u always looked wonderful to me
Caleb yells: and only cause i am human and blunt as only a human can be
> Caleb yells: could not appreciate your new robe and many other things about you
You emote: Mara peers at you suspiciously.
You say: Do you know that almost every young male fairy looks perfect to me? And that I'm not interested in them nonetheless?
> Caleb yells: no male fairy has touched your heart
Caleb yells: like Margali touched mine
You say: that's the point. How could they? Stupids.
> Caleb yells: u will find one someday
> Caleb yells: u are not seer neither am i
You say: SHUT UP! Don't tell me that I'll find someone i don't want!
> Caleb gets a hurt look in his eyes.
You shiver.
You emote: Mara clings her arms around herself.
You emote: Mara hugs herself tightly.
> Caleb yells: if u insist in behaving like this.. i'll wait till u recover yourself
Caleb stands up.
You emote: Mara starts to tease herself.
> Caleb yells: before we do or say something we could regret later
You say: Ok.
> Caleb yells: are u going to behave yourself, then...
Caleb yells: or should i leave
You say: Give her my regards. It's not her fault.
Caleb kisses you softly.
You say: She just stepped in at the wrong time.
> Eeks!  Oh my gosh!
> Caleb waves slowly.
You emote: Mara spins around and hides in the corner.
> Caleb pats Bragon on the shoulder.
Caleb leaves down.

// Later Mara and Margali became good friends ... and Caleb and Mara are
// good friends still. Platonic.