The MUD (Multi User Dungeon) Xyllomer is one of my favourite places. It is the most advanced textual Virtual Community with a midevial fantasy not exactly Mara (if you could draw Mara ...)szenario that I ever encountered, a beautiful roleplaying environment.

My main character in Xyllomer is the ancient philosophical female fairy Mara. Did we play according to AD&D rules I'd say her alignment is 'chaotic good' - a way of life that hardly has a place in Xyllomers society: Being good but living to your own set of rules and sometimes even ignoring them. I created her having two characters in the comic series 'La Conque de Ramor' (Auf der Suche nach dem Vogel der Zeit) by Loisel and Le Tendre in mind: The old and wise princess-enchantress Mara and her illusionary yet beautiful and hardly controllable daughter Pelissa. Her creature Bragon is also inspired by the same source.

My reason to play a female character was to find out if I know enough about female people to act as one without being discovered as a male player. In general the result of this experiment is: I can - in english. I can't - in german. Which is one of the reasons that I avoid german nowadays.

Mara can be nice but she's probably the most sharp-tongued fairy in Xyllomer when angered. To anger her is easy: Insult her sense of fairness.

Mara's lived more than twenty years of her life as a member of the Atlantis Magicians, first learning Magic, later influencing the ways of her guild. She entered the Guild very young and made a fast career beeing deeply into guild politics, famous to some and a pain in the ass to others. At the age of 30 she became Protector of Knowledge, possibly the youngest member of Guildleadership ever, surely the physically weakest. She gave some impulses to the Guild development and had many harsh critics for this. At 33 she resigned and kept away from politics for some years. The Guild Master Tracer invited her into the Promotion Council, a new structure level he invented. Thus drawn into guild politics again, Mara finally candidated for GM when Tracer resigned. It was a voting not only about persons but about a new direction of the guild: Should it become a place of tolerance, scholarship and science or should it become a place of battle against the dark side and Necromancy? After leading the new GM votings for a long time ( OOC without even being active, I had rl holidays in those days, bad luck for Mara - but the holidays were great, see the climbing pages) she finally lost the votings to Talisin in the last moment.Talisin turned out to be the ruthless dictator even worse than Mara had suspected, driving out many people. Two years later, after calling for revolution, Mara's been expelled from her guild and forced to leave home. In reaction to all the quarrels among the Atlantis Magicians another Mages Guild called the "Alliance of Freemages" formed, where again Mara became a prominent member. Life at the Alliance is very quiet, almost boring. When active nowadays, Mara is actually idling a lot.

Lately Mara has found new friends, the PowerFairies of the Fairy Power Gem Line, they are a lot of fun.Wanna see how they develop.

In these pages there's one private log and an assortment of Maras books (too bad I can't publish them all, some are guild secrets ... uhm ... they kicked Mara .... maybe I could?) and notes. There's no PK logs as PK is little RolePlay (as I see it) and boasting with PK on a Web page is just boasting.

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