Stormy Sunrise, full speed with just such a small sail

New, made up quick and dirty.

In Summer '92 I've been sailing the eastern sea with some friends, 2 weeks at Beaufort 7. The typical short waves of the eastern sea gave me a hard time, my first 3 days of sea sickness.

But then it became big fun.

The only details I remember about our ship is that its hull was derived from the famous Swan hulls and about 36 feet long. Though we weren't especially good sailors our boat was among the fastest around, we hardly lost a race, thanks to his wonderful heritage. Nonetheless we had enough space to sleep comfortably with five huge men. The only disadvantage of the ship: It was made almost completely of plastic and aluminium - though we knew it pretty well when standing on it it was difficult to distinguish from the hundreds of other boats in the crowded harbours of the eastern sea. But this was more of an aestethic problem than a substantial one: Did I have the choice, I'd always charter this ship again.

Full Speed amidst danish isles

The whole trip was an experiment: One of us had invited 4 of his friends, all strong individuals, all very different. It was an explosive mixture in very small space. The outcome ... good that we've done it,we've had an intensive time. Again? Sailing yes! ... uhm ... possibly not in this combination of people?

My favourite place

and finally ...

A smoke to relax